HEETs, also known as HEET sticks, are designed with heated tobacco unit that contains tobacco. If you are on the verge of quitting smoking and want to lead a healthy life, then IQOS HEET is the product you want. Millions of people have been taking Heets for their nicotine cravings for almost two decades.

What are IQOS HEETs?

IQOS HEET is a tobacco unit made up of elements that include a tobacco plug polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, hollow acetate tube, and outer and mouth-end papers.

The HEET stick is used in an IQOS device. HEETs contain nicotine, but it is much safer than a usual cigarette; it is less harmful than smoke and is considered the replacement for smoking.

HEETs are available in nine variants; each pack of HEETs contains 20 tobacco sticks at £4.99 per pack; you just need to pick your favorite flavor and insert it into an IQOS device holder.

HEET sticks offer the same duration as a cigarette, but it’s the safer version.

Benefits of IOQS HEETs

  • HEETs don’t release any smoke or smell, so you can use them anywhere without hesitation.
  • Consumers who use HEETs can’t go back to cigarettes because, in HEETs, the tobacco is not burnt; that’s why it gives more gratifying pleasure.
  • IQOS HEET is a much safer option than a cigarette; it contains fewer harmful chemicals than a regular cigarette, so it’s healthier.

How to Use IQOS HEETs?

  • Firstly you have to choose the variant of HEETs according to your preferences. You must select the flavor that you want to taste.
  • Now, The consumer should insert the stick into the IQOS device when the device is fully charged and ready to heat. Ensure that the end-weather tobacco is visible and facing down toward the device. You will know the HEET stick is in the right place as the silver line will reach the top of the device. 
  • Once the stick is heated, the device will vibrate twice, and the lights will glow solid, meaning your Heets stick is ready.
  • When your stick is finished, please remove it from the holder and dispose of it safely.


If you want to quit smoking, these sticks can help you prevent harmful chemicals. It gives you a true taste of tobacco with 95 percent fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes on average.

It’s also less expensive than cigarettes, so it will be much more profitable if you move cigarettes to these HEETs sticks

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