Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS


Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS

These oil absorbing sheets are perfect for IQOS users! They help to keep your device clean and free of oil build-up, ensuring optimal performance. Simply wipe down your IQOS with one of these sheets after each use and your device will stay looking and working like new.

Specification list:

-Pack of 50 oil absorbing sheets

-Keeps your IQOS clean and free of oil build-up

-Ensures optimal performance

-Wipes away oil and residue quickly and easily


Q:How to use it?
A:Just wipe your IQOS with the sheet after each use.

Q:How often should I use it?
A:It depends on how often you use your IQOS, but we recommend at least once a week.

Q:Do I need to clean my IQOS before using these sheets?
A:No, you can use them on a clean or dirty IQOS.


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