Notable Competitors and Alternatives to IQOS ILUMA

IQOS ILUMA, developed by Philip Morris International (PMI), is a popular heated tobacco product that provides an alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, it is not the only player in the market. Several competitors and alternatives are emerging to challenge IQOS ILUMA’s position. This article will explore some of the most notable competitors and alternatives available in the market today.

1. British American Tobacco’s Glo

British American Tobacco (BAT) introduced Glo as a direct competitor to PMI’s IQOS. Glo is a heated tobacco product that works similarly to IQOS, using a proprietary heating device to heat tobacco sticks without burning them. The glo device offers various features, including temperature control, battery life, and ease of use, making it a strong competitor to IQOS ILUMA.

2. Japan Tobacco’s Ploom TECH

Japan Tobacco, one of the largest tobacco companies globally, developed Ploom TECH as its entry into the heated tobacco product market. Ploom TECH uses a unique system in which tobacco-infused liquid capsules are heated, creating a vapor that delivers a similar experience to traditional smoking. The Ploom TECH system offers a range of flavors and an innovative approach to heated tobacco, distinguishing itself from the IQOS ILUMA.

3. Vuse and JUUL e-cigarettes

While not heated tobacco products, e-cigarettes are a popular alternative for those looking to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Vuse, produced by Reynolds American, and JUUL, an independent company, are two of the most popular e-cigarette brands. These devices use a liquid solution containing nicotine that is heated and inhaled as a vapor, providing a smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco products.


SMOK is a leading brand in the vaping industry, offering a wide range of electronic cigarette products, including vape pens, box mods, and pod systems. Although vaping is different from heated tobacco products, SMOK devices can be considered an alternative to IQOS ILUMA for those seeking to quit or reduce their consumption of traditional cigarettes.

5. Omni

Omni, developed by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, is a hybrid device that combines the technologies of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. The device uses a blend of real tobacco and liquid nicotine to provide a smoking experience similar to traditional cigarettes. While not as well-known as IQOS ILUMA, Omni is an innovative alternative for those interested in exploring different tobacco and nicotine delivery systems.

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IQOS ILUMA is just one of many alternatives available to traditional cigarette smokers. Competitors like Glo, Ploom TECH, and Omni offer heated tobacco product alternatives, while e-cigarette brands such as Vuse, JUUL, and SMOK cater to those looking for a different approach to nicotine delivery. As the market for smoking alternatives continues to expand, consumers have a growing range of options to consider when searching for a product that best suits their needs and preferences.

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