IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol Review 2023

IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks are a popular choice among menthol lovers who enjoy using heat-not-burn devices. Offering a refreshing and cool sensation, these tobacco sticks provide a well-balanced menthol flavor for a satisfying and enjoyable experience. In this review, we’ll explore the features, performance, and overall value of the Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks.

IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol: A Review of the Classic and Refreshing Flavor

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Philip Morris International
  • Compatibility: Exclusively for use with IQOS devices
  • Quantity: Varies by package
  • Tobacco type: Expertly processed and compressed tobacco
  • Flavor: Marlboro Menthol

Features and Functionalities:

Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks provide a refreshing and well-balanced menthol flavor that cools and invigorates the palate. The menthol adds a pleasant and enjoyable twist to the classic Marlboro tobacco taste. These tobacco sticks are designed exclusively for use with IQOS devices, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cool and refreshing menthol flavor
  • Classic Marlboro tobacco taste
  • Compatible with all IQOS heat-not-burn devices
  • Reduced harm compared to traditional smoking
  • Convenient and user-friendly


  • May not appeal to users who prefer non-menthol flavors
  • Limited availability in some regions

Performance and Usability:

Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks deliver a consistently satisfying menthol cooling sensation combined with the well-known Marlboro tobacco flavor. The refreshing menthol taste enhances the overall experience, making these tobacco sticks enjoyable for menthol lovers. The seamless compatibility with all IQOS devices and ease of use ensure a consistently enjoyable heat-not-burn experience.

Price and Value:

Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks are competitively priced compared to other Heets options. They offer excellent value for users seeking a classic menthol flavor with the familiar Marlboro tobacco taste. The reduced exposure to harmful chemicals compared to traditional smoking further enhances their overall value.

Personal Experience and Opinion: As a reviewer, I found the Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks to provide a well-balanced and enjoyable menthol flavor combined with the classic Marlboro tobacco taste. However, it’s important to note that the Marlboro Menthol flavor may not be suitable for those who prefer non-menthol tobacco options.

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If the Heets Marlboro Menthol flavor isn’t to your liking, consider these alternative options within the Heets product lineup:

  • HEETS Yellow Label: A lighter, smoother tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness.
  • HEETS Turquoise Label: Another menthol-infused option with a slightly different flavor profile.
  • HEETS Amber Label: A more robust and full-bodied tobacco flavor.
  • HEETS Creations Series: An assortment of innovative and unique flavor profiles.


IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks offer a refreshing and enjoyable menthol flavor combined with the classic Marlboro tobacco taste. The cooling menthol sensation provides a satisfying experience for menthol lovers using IQOS heat-not-burn devices. While the flavor may not suit everyone and availability may be limited in some regions, those who appreciate a classic menthol-infused tobacco taste will find the Heets Marlboro Menthol tobacco sticks a gratifying choice.

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