IQOS Heets Amber Arabic


IQOS Heets Amber Arabic

Amber Arabic IQOS Heets is a product that has been designed to provide a smoking experience that is as close to the traditional smoking experience as possible. The product is made up of tobacco leaves that have been grown in Arabic countries and then processed to create a smooth and consistent smoking experience.

Specification list:

– 100% Arabic tobacco leaves

– IQOS technology for a smooth and consistent smoking experience

– No added chemicals or artificial flavors

– Pack of 20 Heets


Q: What is IQOS?

A: IQOS is a new type of smoking device that uses heat instead of combustion to release the nicotine and flavor from tobacco.

Q: What are the benefits of IQOS over traditional cigarettes?

A: IQOS delivers nicotine without the harmful chemicals that are released when tobacco is burned. This means that IQOS is a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.


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