IQOS Cleaning Sticks (Original)


IQOS Cleaning Sticks (Original)

Keep your IQOS device clean and working properly with these IQOS Cleaning Sticks. Simply insert the stick into the IQOS device and allow the cleaning solution to do its job. These sticks will help to remove any build-up of residue and keep your IQOS device functioning as it should.

Specification list:

– 3 IQOS Cleaning Sticks per pack
– Original IQOS device cleaning solution
– Easy to use – just insert and let the cleaning solution do its job


Q: How often should I use the IQOS Cleaning Sticks?
A: It is recommended that you use the IQOS Cleaning Sticks every 10-15 uses, or when you notice a build-up of residue.

Q: Will the IQOS Cleaning Sticks damage my IQOS device?
A: No, the IQOS Cleaning Sticks are specifically designed for use with IQOS devices and will not damage your device.


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